The Eagle Page

Eagles are some of the most majestic birds in existence, and we are all familiar with species such as the American bald eagle. Yet there are many other kinds of eagles and other similar birds of prey that can be studied. Ornithology, the study of birds, examines eagles, birds of prey, and other of our flying, feathered friends.


Bald Eagle Fact Sheet — This is an excellent collection of basic facts about bald eagles from the Smithsonian National Zoological Zoo.

Basic Eagle Facts — This is a page that details basic information about bald eagles and what we can do to preserve them

Bonelli’s Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatu — Here we have a page on an endangered eagle that lives in the Mediterranean.

Golden Eagle Fact Sheet — The golden eagle is an eagle breed that is not as well known as the American bald eagle. This site gives some important facts on the bird.

Modoc’s Saga — Modoc is a bald eagle who underwent eye surgery at UC Davis. This is a newsletter describing the process, and it also gives facts on bald eagles.

Nature Mapping — Here is a sheet of facts designed to help 7–12th graders learn about bald eagles.

PBS: Eagles — The U.S. Public Broadcasting System presents a program on eagles around the world.

Raptors of the Region — Turn to this site if you want to see images of eagles and other predatory birds from California.

What is an Eagle? — Did you know that scientists have grouped eagles into four major types: Sea and Fish Eagles, Snake Eagles, Harpy Eagles, and Booted Eagles. This page includes information on all four kinds from the University of Indiana


American Bald Eagle Foundation — The American Bald Eagle Foundation is an Alaska-based organization dedicated to conserving the American bald eagle.

American Eagle Foundation — This is the homepage of a group that works to preserve the bald eagle through education and environmental recovery programs

Birds of Prey Foundation — This is a foundation located in Boulder, Colorado, that works to rehabilitate eagles and other birds of prey, and to educate the public about them.

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary — The Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is the world’s first preserve dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey like eagles.

North American Rare Bird Alert — This group provides accurate and up-to-date information on the sightings of rare North American birds.

The Peregrine Fund — It is important to preserve eagles and other birds of prey in their natural habitats. This is the mission of The Peregrine Fund.

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program — When eagles and other raptors are hurt in the wild, human beings often help nurse them back to health. The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program is one such rehabilitation and educational program.

Sardis Raptor Center — The largest raptor center in the Pacific Northwest hosts this website.

University of Minnesota Raptor Center — The Raptor Center of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Minnesota works to ensure “the health of raptors and the world we share through teaching, research, and service.”

Wildlife Center of Virginia — This is the homepage of a center that helps rehabilitate eagles and other raptors in the state of Virginia.


Eagle Conservation Alliance — This is the site for a recently formed worldwide alliance dedicated to the preservation of eagles all over the globe.

Hawkwatch International — Hawkwatch International works to preserve the world wide population of birds of prey such as eagles.

Niagra Peninsula Hawkwatch — The Niagra Peninsula Hawkwatch monitors the migration of eagles, hawks, and other predatory birds in the Niagra Falls area.


BIRDNET — Eleven Western Hemisphere ornithological societies join forces here to produce a site to serve professional ornithologists and the general public

Birds for Kids — This site collects lessons plans and other resources for teaching kids about birds

Cornell Lab of Ornithology — The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is dedicated to using the best science and inspiring the most people to solve the critical problems facing wildlife.

Information on Owls — This site has precisely what the name suggests, that is, a lot of information on owls.

National Audobon Society — Among the organizations devoted to the conservation of nature and birds, the National Audobon Society is perhaps the most well known. This is their website.

Night Birds — Owls — Here we have comprehensive pdf document with lots of information about owls.

Raptor Research Foundation — The Raptor Research Foundation is a non-profit scientific society that seeks to spread scientific information about raptors.

Searchable Ornithological Research Archive — There are many journals out there devoted to the study of birds or ornithology. This site allows you to search through many of them.