Sounds of the World's Animals

The planet is home to hundreds of animals, and each one makes its own unique noise. When you listen carefully to the type of noise an animal makes, it is easier to differentiate between them. To listen to a few common animal sounds, check out the websites of Amazing Sounds, Stone Washed and Grsites.

To hear sounds from bees, cows, horses, tigers, and many more common animals and insects, visit Enteronement. To listen to animal sounds such as the wolf, seal, dog, cat, lion and others, check out Seaworld. At ABCTeach and Phone Dog you can listen to free clips of the sounds that a crow, penguin, and duck make, among others. Many sound bites can be found using the websites of Free Sound Effects, Brandens, and Wavlist, including those of a dove, frog, and goose.

For different bird sounds, click on Nature Songs. For monkey, elephant, horse, and other very common animal sounds, go to the website of Jungle Walk. The website of Eleceng is a great place to read up on different sounds of various animals. For sounds of a turkey, ducks, pigs, sheep, snake, and other wild and domestic animals, visit a1 Free Sound Effects. An excellent site with links to other animal sound websites can be found at IO Animal Sounds. Here, the links are categorized into birds, mammals, reptiles, and so on.

It is interesting to listen to the noises that the world’s animals can make, and there are many websites that offer visitors the chance. At Kids Planet, kids can listen to various animal sounds and then guess which one is making it. At Find Sounds visitors can click on a huge list of animal noises to hear each one. These include the noises of a camel, fox, goat, mouse, owl, pigeon, rooster, and a zebra. These links use QuickTime, so make sure this is installed on your computer before continuing. At Partners in Rhyme you can choose from many animal sounds, along with links to other interesting noises.

For more websites that are dedicated to animal sounds and free sound bites, visit

E-Vet, Animal Pictures, Animal Sounds, and Simply the Best

For the kids, there are many websites that help teach how to match animal sounds to their rightful owner. These include the following: Esl-Lab, American Zoo and Kids Farm.