Service and Therapy Dogs

Service and therapy dogs are trained to help people with disabilities and illnesses, as well as assisting the police in fighting crime. For example, Seeing Eye dogs help their owners navigate the outside world so they are able to go out and do things just like those that can see. It is illegal to deny a person from bringing their service dog into a public place. There are many organizations that train service and therapy dogs so they can be released to someone who needs them. To learn about the different breeds of dogs used for police work and therapy work, go to Canine Breeds


For more information on Seeing Eye dogs, go to Guide Dogs of America. At Seeing Eye visitors can learn how to apply for a dog and also how to raise a puppy. The Eye Dog Foundation offers the same services—from training a dog to owning one. To learn about the history of the Seeing Eye dog, click on Animal Shelter.


Therapy dogs are generally used in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, child care centers, etc. They may be used to help brighten up a patient’s life, or cheer up a sick child. Go to Therapy Dogs for more information. TDI-Dog gives a lot of good information about their program, such as Alzheimer’s patients who read to therapy dogs. Dog Logic is a training program for various therapy dogs. Go to Registered Service Dogs for information on getting a valid ID and registration card for a therapy dog. For more therapy dog certification, try Pawsitive Therapy.


Police dogs help law officials capture criminals and find illegal drugs. These animals have to go through years of training before they can work with the police force. For exclusive canine service for law enforcement agencies, visit Policek9 and k9web. For more information about the history of police dogs click on Geocites and Protection Dog. To learn about the types of dogs typically used in this field, as well as what they do, go to k9gta.


Service dogs can be a huge help for many people. If blindness is holding someone back from everyday life, a guide dog can be the answer to a prayer. Therapy dogs help cheer up and comfort many people, and police dogs serve an important role in law enforcement. Dogs not only play an important part as companions for people, they also have important jobs.