Horse Resources

General Resources

Horses are fascinating creatures that appeal to people of all ages, races, and demographics. To find general information on horses, visit these sites:

Kids' Stuff

Little boys pretend to be cowboys or knights on a valiant steed, and little girls love to play with ponies and pretend to be princesses on a white horse. Kids love horses, and if you have a horse lover in your home, send him to these sites:

  • PBS Horse Site – Basic information about horses from
  • HorseLand – A free online game relating to horses.

Veterinary Resources

Whether you are a veterinarian looking for professional resources or a horse owner looking for help in choosing a vet, these resources will show you the information you need to know:

Horse Shoeing Resources

Taking proper care of your horse's feet starts with proper horseshoes, if needed. To learn more about horseshoeing, visit:

  • – Offers links to the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School and horseshoeing tools providers.
  • Horseshoe Information – Information provided by Hoofcare and Lameness Magazine.

Stable Management

Caring for multiple horses in the same stable requires specific knowledge. In fact, there are entire courses in college dedicated to learning stable management. For more information, consider these resources:

  • Stable Safety – Articles dedicated to helping horse owners create a safe stable for their animals.
  • Managing Your Own Boarding Stable – An informative article about the considerations to make when setting up a boarding stable.

Horse Publications

Because so many people are dedicated to horses and horse care, many magazines have developed dedicated to these noble animals, including:

  • Horse Magazine – The online home of Horse Magazine.
  • Horse and Rider – An online magazine full of guides and information for owners and riders alike.

Clubs and Associations

If you are looking to connect with others who love exactly the same things you love about horses, look for a club or association dedicated to your riding style, such as:

Breeds and Breed Associations

Current estimates indicate there are over 260 horse breeds officially recorded. To find the breed you love or connect with others who own or breed your chosen strain, consider these resources:

Horse Racing

Horses of all sizes and shapes can be raced, from short ponies to the majestic Thoroughbred. To learn more about the sport of horse racing, visit:

Horses for Sale

Using the Internet to search for your next horse makes it possible to literally search from coast to coast. As you do, look at these popular classifieds:

  • Dream Horse – A searchable classifieds that will help you find your "dream horse".
  • Horseville - Find horses for sale and available for stud.

Stables- Boarding, Training and Instruction

Riding instructors, trainers, and those who board horses need access to information specifically designed f or their role in the equestrian world, such as:

The love of horses is nearly universal, and these resources will help you as you explore the equine world even further.