Eyes On The Animals

The animal kingdom is alive and thriving on the Internet. Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or a tarantula person, chances are there is a live web camera trained on your animal of choice at this very moment. The Internet has made it possible for a person to view an animal's movements in its habitat live via web camera, from halfway across the world. Here is a collection of places online featuring tame and wild animals that you can observe from the comfort of your own chair.

Recently you may have peeked over the shoulder of a coworker to find them watching the Shiba Inu puppy cam live on the Internet. If you found it hard to get back to work, you aren't alone. According to Puppy Cam Popularity approximately eighteen million people also found it difficult to refrain from watching the moment to moment activities of the Shiba Inu puppies. The article goes on to explain that what began as a convenient way for the owners to keep tabs on the little canine family while they were away at work, turned into a pastime for Internet users worldwide. Since then, the world of animals captured live on web camera has become an online fascination.

There is no shortage of web cameras monitoring the daily activities of domesticated pets across the world. If you are intrigued by the menacing stalk of a cat or amused by the tumblings of a kitten, there is plenty of cat entertainment to be found online. Visit Cats on Camera and you'll find a live web camera running on four cats, each with his or her own personality. Also, you'll find biographies of the cats and how they became members of the household. If you are partial to Siamese and other exotic kittens, you can find a web camera observing their play time at Kittens at Play. There is an opportunity to see dozens of cats wandering in and out of the scope of the web camera at A Family of Cats. Be sure to look at the collection of photos and names to find the cats who are the least camera shy.

If you are fond of watching dogs--visit A Puppy's Life. It features a Labrador at work mothering her adorable litter of puppies. Watch as each puppy struggles with his brothers and sisters to get a good meal. Travel to Puppies at Play and you can observe a litter of playful Australian Cattle puppies. At A Gathering of Dogs watch how five dogs strive to get along in the same household. Getting to know the personalities of the different dogs is half the fun of a web camera set-up.

When you watch the behavior of a wild animal through a web camera, it's almost as if you are standing within a few feet of it. A trio of panda bears star in the live web camera production located at Panda Bear Fun. They are a family of father, mother, and baby.

Get to know the alligators without getting your feet wet when you travel to Alligators Galore. You can control the camera to keep watch over several of them in this swampy setting.

If you are a fan of spiders then you'll enjoy seeing the tarantula displayed at View of a Tarantula. As you're watching the hairy spider, be sure to read the interesting collection of facts about tarantulas.

For more wild animals seen through the eye of a web camera, please visit:

The Work of a Bee: This live web camera picks up the activity of a hive of bees. Be sure to search for the Queen bee.

The Progress of an Ant Colony: View an ant colony toiling away at its work through this web camera.

A World of Penguins: Observe the activities of the Black-Footed penguins in this live web camera footage.

An Active Gibbon's Day: If you need to smile, check out this exhibit of gibbons captured on live web camera.

A Polar Bear's Kingdom: Watch to see if the polar bears take a refreshing dip for its visitors on the web camera.

Tropical Fish and Coral on Display: If you enjoy observing the serene side of sea life make a stop at this unique live web camera.

A live web camera allows its viewers to both learn about an animal and enjoy watching its unique behaviors.