Bad Dog Chronicles

The antics of the family dog can be the cause of both frustration and laughter. Every dog owner, at one time or another, finds himself chasing after a loose dog or crying over a favorite shoe that's been chewed to pieces. These behaviors aren't signs that you have a bad dog, just a curious one. This collection of funny stories features dogs who follow their own instincts, sometimes landing them in trouble with their owners.

Visit, Humorous Dog Stories, and you'll read about a reluctant German Shepherd's trip to the veterinarian for x-rays. The veterinarian decides she wants to examine the German Shepherd's teeth. The owner does his best to convince the vet that the guard dog's teeth are healthy and, more importantly, that it wouldn't be a good idea to pry open the dog's mouth. The veterinarian insists that she knows what's best for the dog. Consequently, she received six puncture wounds from the canine's teeth. The owner leaves the moral of the story for the listener to decide.

A dog with a love for insects is the star of the story you'll find at, A Dog Versus Spider Tale. Wandering into the kitchen early one morning to fix breakfast, a sleepy owner noticed her dog sniffing the floor around the refrigerator. She soon turned her attention back to her meal preparation only to hear the dog begin a terrible fit of coughing. Alarmed, she made her way over and tried to help him. Suddenly, out of the dog's mouth came a huge brown spider clenched into a ball. The owner watched as the spider straightened itself out and made its way back under her refrigerator. Her eager dog tried to follow it, hoping for a second chance meal.

Travel to, A Curious Kennel of Puppies, and you'll read what happens when a group of four month old puppies get the run of their owner's house. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree adorned with fancy ornaments, tinsel, and lights was what this dog owner admired as she left her house one morning. Later she returned to see all of the bottom branches on her Christmas tree chewed off and broken ornaments scattered across the floor. She also noticed that her blue rug had turned white. As she walked into her kitchen she figured out the mystery of the carpet. All of the cabinets had been emptied and bags of flour and sugar had been dragged across her carpeting. As she peered around her living room she realized that a small band of puppies from her kennel had caused all of the chaos. Being a patient dog owner, laughter was her only response.

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At times, owning a dog can be a challenge to one's patience. With the help and training of a loving owner, any dog can be a pleasure to have as a member of the family.