Animal Noises

There are many common animals on the planet, and they all have a unique noise that they make. Learning to differentiate between the noises can also help learn why an animal makes the noise it does. To learn more about animal noises, check out ABCTeach and Wikipedia.

Following are a list of common animals, and the noises that they make.

Alligator: chirping and hissing

Bats: high-pitched, squeals and whispers- humans cannot hear

Bears: growl

Bees: buzz

Beetle: drone or buzz

Birds: tweet and sing

Bottlenose Dolphin: moans, grunts, whistles

Bulls: bellow

Calves: bleat and bray

Canada goose: honk

Caribou-pant, grunt, bellow

Cats: purr and meow

Chickens: cackle

Cheetah: chirping, yips

Chimpanzees: laughter-like vocalizing

Cows: moo

Cuckoos: cuckoo

Deer: bell

Dogs: bark

Dolphin: click

Ducks: quack

Doves: coo

Eagles: scream

Elephants: trumpet

Falcons: chant

Fawn: bell

Flies: buzz

Foxes: bark, yelp, whine

Frogs: croak

Geese: honk, hiss

Giraffe: grunt

Guinea Pig: squeak

Hippopotamus: snort

Horses: neigh, whinny

Hyena: squeal, grunt, laughing noise

Koala bear: grunt

Lion: roar

Meer Kat: chur, barking

Mice: squeak

Otter: whistle, whine, hiss

Ostrich: drumming sound, clicking

Pigs: grunt, squeal

Rattlesnakes: hiss

Sheep: bleat

Sloth: kerflump

Tasmanian devil: barks, snort, growl

Tigers: roar

Turkeys: gobble

Woodpecker: loud and soft pecking

Zebra: brae

To hear small sound bites and free animal sound effects, you can visit a variety of websites, such asNature Songs.