Animal Facts

There are countless numbers of animals in this world. There are vertebrates and invertebrates; there are birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and fish. Some are warm-blooded and some are cold-blooded. Many fall into more than one category. Some are large and some are small. Some live long lives, and some live only briefly. The following websites can provide some insight on the similarities and differences of many animals in our great big world.





  • Introduction to the Aves – what separates the birds from their ancestors, the dinosaurs, and their relative, the crocodile
  • The Life of Birds – PBS site over viewing the program, “The Life of Birds,” and providing very good information on particular birds, songs, and evolution of the species
  • Natural History Museum's Bird Site – characteristics of birds, why they inhabit every part of the earth, and the diversity among the species
  • Victoria Lodging – bird superlatives from smallest and fastest to largest and slowest, and many other interesting stand-outs among the birds



  • Smithsonian Institute – informative site that can be searched by geographical area, species name, family tree, conservation status, and even bone and teeth patterns to find particular mammals
  • Mammals – thorough information of what characterizes a mammal as well as the classifications of mammals
  • Animal Info - Rare, Threatened and Endangered animals & mammals – list of endangered animals that can be searched by the animal or by country
  • MAMMALS – few specific characteristics of mammals and the major classifications with links to examples of each
  • The Marine Mammal Center – an introduction to marine mammals and the differences between them and those mammals which live on land
  • Blue whale | largest mammal – largest mammal ever to live on earth, the blue whale – excellent video and information





  • Discover Life - Amphibians – list of amphibians by scientific name then common name
  • Animal Bytes: Amphibians – characteristics of an amphibian, their development from young to adult, and the three groups of amphibians
  • Amphibian Facts – facts about amphibians such as the typical life, the three kinds of amphibians, prenatal care, and several amphibian superlatives






Cold-blooded vs. warm-blooded

  • Warm and Cold Blooded Animals – good explanation of warm-blooded creatures, like humans, and cold-blooded creatures, like lizards, and the differences between how they regulate their body temperatures


Animal Superlatives

  • Fun Fast Animal facts – many, many animal superlatives such as fastest, largest, tallest, coldest, smallest, meanest, most dangerous, etc.; also, each category is divided into many other categories such as birds, snakes, cats, fish, dinosaurs, and more
  • 400 Year Old Clam Found -- Oldest Animal Ever – article surrounding the demise of the oldest animal ever found, a 400 clam, which quickly met its death when discovered by scientists