Animal Care Resources

Whether you already own one or more pets or are contemplating acquiring one for stock, breeding, a working animal, or as a pet, there is much to be learned about the proper care of animals. Most pet owners consider the basic food, water, and shelter to be the extent of animal care. Farm workers, the handicapped, animal trainers, and anyone working with animals know the value of healthy, happy animals and provide much more than the basics.

For those thinking of purchasing a pet, it is vital to do the research necessary to ensure the animal being considered is a good match for both the owner and the environment it will be living in. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has constructed a series of informative, animated pages covering every aspect of selecting and caring for animals. View it at AVMA.

Healthy Pet is an online library, maintained by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), filled with articles and videos on behavioral and health issues and veterinary or medical topics on cats, dogs, and exotic animals. Questions can be submitted and answered by a professional member of the AAHA.

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) maintains a website with vital information on keeping animals free of parasites. Visit them at Pets and Parasites.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website is an informative place to find out about items within an animals environment which are toxic to them. Many of these will surprise even the most learned animal owner. Read about them at Pet Poison Control.

The Association Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) offers healthy guidelines for preventing obesity in animals and statistics and charts for healthy weight. Tips on exercise and weight loss can be found at Pet Obesity Prevention.

For a website devoted to adoption of animals and lost and found pets, visit Pets 911. There are blogs, forums, information on animal care, games that educate, and links to other key agencies relating to animal care.

Petside is another site which helps introduce a wide variety of animals and the necessary information on acquiring them. There is also a PetVet feature for health concerns and diagnosis of serious conditions which need veterinary care.

The American Human Society website is another resource for tips and news on animal care. Visit Humane Society U.S.

Go Pets America brings together animal care providers and animal owners in a website filled with informative articles, blogs, health care tips, and a place for free listings of help wanted positions in the animal industries, as well as a place for breeders to list their offerings. Additionally, they offer calculators for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

Pet Education is the renowned site of Doctors Foster & Smith and offers a place for diagnosing health issues by listing symptoms. Pets of every type and tips for their care are provided.

The Animal Care Clinic provides owners with vital information on acquiring and caring for their animals, a free newsletter, a list of health care providers and adoption agencies. Find information on dental hygiene for animals and email questions or concerns to the doctor. They also provide pet insurance policies.

Two great sites for acquiring pet health insurance are Shelter Care and Pet Insurance.

For in-depth training via online instruction, UniversalClass offers 30 courses on animal care, including training, breeding, behavior problems, first aid, and setting up a pet business. See course overviews, costs, and read reviews at Universal Class.

Other website resources for animal care include: Pet Butler, USDA Animal Welfare, Animal Care, Care Pets, Animal Sheltering, Certified Humane, Sentrix Animal Care, Cornell University, Pfizer Animal Health, Animal Health Channel, Elanco, and DMOZ Animal Directory.