All About Llamas

Pictures of llamas are one version of llama resources because they help those interested in this fascinating species see the different breeds and view the animals in their natural habitat. Pictures of Llamas is a good resource because it contains images of llamas eating and sleeping. Another good source is , which lists basic facts about the animals, many photographs and even multimedia files so people can hear what a llama sounds like. Images of these animals can also be found at Llama Pictures and The Llama Question and Answer Page.

Llama care is an important concept when it comes to these animals. Improper care or feeding can result in sickness or even death. An excellent resource is Basic Llama Care, but it actually features a lengthy fact sheet on caring for the animal including basic ideas like feeding and more in depth concepts such as administering medication to the animals. Llama Care is another helpful site, with information on usual care tips such as fitting a halter on the animal and shearing their coat.

More information on caring for these animals can be found at Llama Owner Information: Care and Feeding, Llama Care and Breeding and About Llamas.

The health of llamas are of importance to those who own or breed the animals as well as those who display and study them such as zoo workers. Llama Care, Maintenance and Resources page is an excellent source of information. Their website discusses health issues relating to llamas as well as information on training them.

Another good resource in terms of llama health is Llama and Alpaca Health. This in depth website lists the major diseases affecting llamas and links to outside sources that further study the condition. The disease known asAbberant Behavior Syndrome and how it affects llamas is something else to consider. Users should also look at the Llama Council, which lists information relating to llamas including conditions that affect the animals.

There are also a few unusual websites devoted to animals such as Light Up a Life with a Llama, which allows shoppers to purchase a llama and donate it to a needy individual. They’ll use the animal for its fur and to fill transportation needs. Another unusual resource is Llamas at Enchanted Learning. This website turns learning about llamas into a fun experience for kids and offers a free coloring page.

Those looking for more information should also check out Breeds of Llamas, Llama Lifestyle Marketing, which gives users information on purchasing a llama and Llama and Alpaca Farming, an in depth article on those who farm and breed the animals.

For an in depth entry on llamas, the Llamas Entry on Wikipedia is the best resource. It contains information on breeding, reproduction, a history of the animal and other resources for those interested in learning more. The Llama Page at NDSU also offers an in depth look at these animals and offers more information on breeding.